A detox retreat is about having a transformational vacation or holiday. You may want to go to a wellness spa to lose weight and spend time on a tropical paradise while getting fit or perhaps you want to detox your body to help in your journey to cleanse your spirit. And if you’re a traveler like me, maybe you just want to cleanse.


My Experience at a 3 Day Detox Retreat in Thailand


This past year I’ve indulged in the foodie heaven that Mexico and Thailand have offered. I’ve eaten less than comforting street food in Guatemala and Malaysia. I’ve even eaten rocks in Honduras. There’s no telling what’s going to end up in your plate around the world, especially when it comes to those little things like bacteria we don’t like to think about.

While my boyfriend considers his beard oil to be a luxurious treat, I need a but more pampering to truly indulge.

As I finished my time in Koh Samui and the ended of this part of my travels, I thought it was time to provide my body with a little TLC. Seeking a fresh start before I head back to the UK, I decided that a detox retreat at a wellness spa is just what I needed.



I signed up for a Mini 3 Day Detox Cleanse at the Health Oasis Resort in Koh Samui. As one of the most affordable options on the island, it’s ideal for travelers that want to treat themselves without blowing the budget. It  allowed me to sample the various treatments without a long term commitment. I hate fasting, after all, and I didn’t want to torture myself for too long. However, I knew I needed to rid myself from any impurities I may have picked up on the road.

Since my motivation was to cleanse, it never even occurred to me that I might lose weight on this program. Varying in age from late twenties to young sixties, most people that I met lost anywhere from 10lb -20lb. (or 5 kilos to 9 kilos) in less than two weeks. The liver flush alone knocks out 2 kilos on average. Everyone I spoke to was extremely happy with the results. That’s incredible!

With only 3.5 days I was realistic about my expectations and did not expect to lose weight as you do with one of the longer detox retreats.  I started the program at 112lb and without even realizing it I lost 7lb.

Time at the Health Oasis Resort is mostly run independently. You are given all the tools you need to administer your own detox drinks and treatments and colonics.


Day 1



The first day consisted of detox preparation. Upon arrival I was given a basket with a variety of supplements and herbs along with dosages and daily intake schedule to create my detox drinks. It was essential to keep hydrated throughout the program and drink ginger tea, fresh juices, and a vegetable broth in between the fasting supplements. I began the day at 10am and was asleep by 10pm. Hungry and low energy, I went to sleep at the earliest time in months!


Day 2



On the second day I woke up at 7am to a shake brought to my room. I officially began the fasting program which consisted of a varying detox shakes and herb mixtures every 1.5 hours. The shakes were filling so I wasn’t too hungry. Throughout the program, I experienced a mental hunger more than anything. I’m not one for skipping meals.

After an invigorating yoga class at 8:30am, I went swimming in the ample beach side pool, and spent the rest of the day relaxing in between my supplement dosages. I finished Day 2 in the herbal steam room and fell asleep feeling less hungry and more refreshed than the day before.


Day 3



I woke up a bit late despite my 7am detox shake but made it in time to participate in the excellent yoga class. If I had more time left on the island, I would hire the yoga teacher as a personal trainer. He was good and was physically at the highest level of yoga abilities! Feeling rejuvenated, I prepared for my scheduled 10am colonic irrigation treatment, the first of the three included in my mini-detox package.

Without going into details, the experience was less terrifying that I thought it would be. My first glance at the set up I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. This was not what I had experienced in Los Angeles. Dr Manda, a Chinese medicine specialist, explained how I was to self-administer the procedure, going into full detail and answering all of my questions.

The end result (no pun intended) was positive. I felt refreshed the entire day and felt confident about continuing the other two. I swam in the afternoon and had another stint in the herbal steam room which I thoroughly enjoyed. Throughout the day, there was a noticeable difference in my emotions and energy level. I could already feel my spirits at a higher level than they were when first arrived. I was disappointed that my time at the Health Oasis was ending so soon.


Day 4



It was my last day and I can honestly say I wish I had at least a week here. The first two days were a bit challenging and I was unsure if I had made the right decision to do a fasting detox. However, once I was over that initial hump, words can’t even describe how incredible I felt! The process was easier than I thought it would be and after fear that I would be miserable without eating, I definitely want to do a wellness spa detox retreat again.

My only complaint during my time here was the water situation. As a resident of the island, I understand that there are always water shortages and that’s just a part of island life in Koh Samui. However, when you’re undergoing rather personal treatments at a resort such as this, it is very important to make sure the water tank is always full and ready to go without delay.

I thank the team at the Health Oasis Resort for a much needed and rewarding experience.



If you come to Koh Samui specifically for a wellness spa retreat such as the ones offered at the Health Oasis Resort, I would suggest to allot a few of your vacation days to experience the rest of this beautiful island before going home. And make sure you book early if you’re planning to come during high season as they get full quickly!


Koh Samui truly is a beautiful island getaway destination perfect for a detox retreat or tropical holiday.

Where did you get your perfect detox retreat? Share your stories below!