A 30th birthday is a huge turning point in your life. It’s the moment when you are “officially” a grown up. You only get to do it once so make sure to celebrate it in a big way! It’s the perfect excuse to do something out of the ordinary so I’ve put together twelve adventurous ways to celebrate your 30th birthday!


12 Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday





Shark Cage Diving in South Africa


My original wish for my 30th birthday was to push myself to the limits and do something completely unexpected. Cage diving with great whites in South Africa was at the top of my list! Unfortunately, I’m still waiting to tick this item of my travel bucket list. Didn’t do it for my 30th or even for my honeymoon as originally planned but if you want a thrilling experience, go cage diving in South Africa.


Bungee Jumping in New Zealand


If bungee jumping’s on your bucket list, why not do it in the place that put bungee jumping on the map? New Zealand. An incredibly beautiful country, you have the option to bungee jump over incredibly scenic rivers near Queenstown or take on the highest bungee in the world. Nerve wrecking and exciting, experience this super thrill in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. It’s non a bad place to party, either!


Sky Diving in Australia


Australia has an abundance of activities to entertain all your senses. One of the more popular things to do for travelers is sky diving in Cairns, home to the Great Barrier Reef. Although you can do this anywhere in the world, the epic views of the world’s most beautiful reef is perfect motivation to visit Australia. A bonus, if you’re a scuba diver or snorkel fanatic!




Trek Machu Picchu in Peru


Peru is world famous for the mysterious world wonder of Machu Picchu. On many people’s travel bucket lists, making the three to four day trek to Machu Piccu is more than just a hike, it can also be a spiritual journey. No matter what your motivation to trek Machu Piccu, it is by far one of the most exquisite sites in the world (and even warranted two trips for me). As a traveler, this seems like one of the most incredible ways to celebrate your 30th birthday!


Climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania


If you want to push yourself physically and mentally why not attempt to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania? A challenging climb, this is a major accomplishment to add to your lifetime achievements. Many people have even climbed this mountain for charity. You can also take that route or do it for yourself as a personal goal.


Surf the “Green Room” in Hawaii


For your 30th birthday, how about learning to surf in one of the most famous placed in the entire world? Oahu boasts insane waves and barrels and is a favorite surf destination for pros surfers worldwide. Learn this new skill in the beautiful island of Hawaii and spend your birthday in paradise.




Fall in Love with Paris


For many, the romance of seeing the bright lights of Paris is a lifelong dream. How about making your dream a reality by spending your 30th day in Paris? From world famous cuisine, high end shopping, and a cultural haven, you’ll experience a sightseeing overload taking in the many wonders of Paris. This has to be one of the most popular ways to celebrate your 30th birthday!


Scuba Dive the Top 10


If you love the ocean and sea life, Southeast Asia is famed for having some of the top ten dive sites in the entire world including Sipidan in Borneo. Diving there was one of the most exciting experiences during my travels and I was not disappointed. It really is another world under the sea and you’ll be happy you discovered it.


Party in Sin City – Last Vegas


A neverneverland for adults, there’s no other party like a weekend in Vegas. One of my most memorable getaways with my best friends was celebrating one of their 30th birthday in Vegas. Vegas isn’t nicknamed Sin City for nothing. Leav your inhibitions at the airport, overindulge in the unique glamour, cuisine, and nightlife. Not everyone wants a Hangover experience but Vegas is for sure one of the top party destinations in the world.




Travel Around the World


This has to be one of the most life changing ways to celebrate your 30th birthday. I’ve met many people over the years celebrating this special day by embarking on an around the world trip, an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience. If you’re waiting for the perfect excuse, this is it!


Conquer the World Wonders


If travel is on your radar but aren’t into the thrills of bungee jumping, seek out the world’s treasures by chasing after one or all of the World Wonders. Plan your route with the goal to see the greatest sites and experience a lifetime of treasured memories. My goal when is started traveling in 2008 was to visit all the world wonders – talk about motivation!


Donate Your Birthday


Several people donate their birthday to charity. Why not do something special like this to celebrate your birthday? Ask friends and family to contribute money to a good cause in honor of your birthday – a rewarding and incredible way to give back. What better way to start the next stage in your life than by helping out someone else?


What are more ways to celebrate your 30th birthday? Share your adventurous ideas in the comments!

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