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Don’t Make these Low Budget Travel Mistakes

Don’t Make these Low Budget Travel Mistakes

Are you a budget traveler that sees the world or experiences it? Find out these low budget travel mistakes and how to avoid falling into a common rut!   Low Budget Travel Mistakes to Avoid   Budget travelers prefer to spend their money frugally so they can see more...

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How to Save Money for Travel: Funding Four Years

Wondering how to save money for travel? This is how I funded four years of travel around the globe! Find out my saving secrets!   How to Save Money for Travel   One of the biggest misconceptions about traveling is that it's expensive. Often times, the amount you spend...

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Solo Travel vs Group Travel: Which Do You Prefer?

Reader's Asks: Jillian from A Couple Vagabonds recently asked me, “I'm curious how you would compare organized tours with solo backpacking (not with a tour group)? Which do you prefer? Solo travel vs group travel?”   Solo Travel vs Group Travel     Organized tours are...

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10 Cheap Travel Tips: Maximize Your Budget

Planning a vacation? Travel doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out these ten cheap travel tips to help you maximize your budget abroad!   10 Cheap Travel Tips     Search for month long prices   Using Skyscanner to determine the best dates for...

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Do You Regret Quitting Job to Travel?

After traveling for over seven years long-term I had a nervous breakdown. People want to know if I regret quitting job to travel the world. Keep reading to find out!   Quitting Job to Travel: Regrets?   Earlier this year I read an article in Cosmo, “Why I Gave Up a...

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