About Me

In April of 2008, I dropped out of the traditional way of living life. I was a 25 year old woman, single, no children, and no mortgage. Aside from being lucky, I was also free. I had recently quit my job in the fashion industry and found myself with newfound freedom and a lottery winning of all the time in the world.

Desperate to do a little traveling and nurse the wounds from my post job depression, I took a chance and landed a last-minute tour through India. Little did I know that this 3 week tour would change my life forever in more ways that I could ever imagine.

After an epiphany in the Himalayas, the result of the trip was a total life overhaul. I broke the lease to my Los Angeles apartment, chucked all my stuff into storage, got rid of my sports car, and even sold my designer shoes. Was the transition difficult? Find out.

What was supposed to be a 3 month career break turned into a life of indefinite travel and I’ve now been traveling for 8 years. I’ve been to 41 countries on 6 continents and I’m not ready to stop. I’ve traveled as a tourist, a backpacker, as a couple, and now as a digital nomad. Check out my Travel Timeline for more details and read my full story here.

In 2013 I launched Travel Fashion Girlwhich focus on women’s packing lists and it was an instant hit and now has one million monthly page views and a loyal readership base of 300,000 a month.

Travel Fashion Girl was a passion project that has now become a full blown business enabling me to travel indefinitely, work on the go, and earn a full-time income to sustain my lifestyle. I created Work Travel and Live to show you how I did it and how you can, too.

How This Website Will Help You


After this article was published on Cosmopolitan Magazine I received an influx of messages from women all over the world. They shared their stories with me, their personal goals, and their fears to do what I had done. They wanted advice and to learn my secrets.

How could they drop out of life and travel, too?

Some of them also wanted to know about blogging and how it was possible for them to make money on the road, too. They asked me for tips on starting a blog, ideas to save money at home, and if I thought it was possible for them to find their own nomadic way.

Not only was I flattered that these women would confide in me, I was also honored that they saw my story as an inspiration to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. And that’s exactly what it’s all about.

It’s about following your dreams and this is what this website is all about.

Traveling is so much more. It’s about taking the chance and doing something that know one thinks you can. It’s about taking a leap of faith and trusting that you’ll be okay even if you’re traveling on your own. It has the ability to enchant you, frustrate you, challenge you, and above all – help you find your place at this point in your life.

These women inspired me to create a place where I could share my travel experiences and the knowledge that I have learned transitioning from a workaholic to the owner of a thriving location-free business. Whether you want to read about my travel experiences, find out how to start your own blog, or learn how to earn income abroad – this is a place for you.

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? Share your journey with me and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!