If you’re new to traveling or just a lazy traveler like I used to be, this might be one of the most crucial posts you will read about saving money and traveling for FREE. Pay attention. Here’s the beginner’s guide to joining an airline frequent flyer program!


How to Use an Airline Frequent Flyer Program


airline-frequent-flyer-programAirlines have frequent flyer programs that are free for anyone to join. You’re simply joining a free rewards club like you do at grocery stores – Vons, CVS, or Ralphs reward clubs.

Similarly, you can accumulate airline mile points through the frequent flyer programs. These airline miles earn you free flights. You don’t have to register a credit card or anything but you do have to sign up before you fly.

Register with just three airline companies: American Airlines, United, and Delta. You’re set.

“But what if I like to fly Hawaiian, Alaska, Continental, etc?” Most airlines belong to air alliances which are basically like one giant family tree. The American, Delta, and United programs are just the “Godfathers” of all of them. If you’re hooked up with one, you’re hooked up with the rest.


There’s so much more I have to share about frequent flyer miles but I’ll let the experts do the talking.


These guys know all the secrets to free travel and airline programs:


I was once too lazy to spend a few minutes of my time registering with an airline frequent flyer program. I didn’t realize you only really had to be a part of three to maximize your mileage. Every time I think about all my flights with unclaimed miles it makes me want to cry. No better time to start than now so log on and do it already!


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What’s your preferred airline frequent flyer program? Tell us why you it’s your top choice in the comments below!

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