Did you know you can earn free flights when you shop or eat at restaurants? Find out how with our quick guide on airline shopping and dining programs!


Airline Shopping and Dining Programs for Beginners

Have you ever shopped online at Zappos or Sephora? What about at retailers like Marshalls or Nordstrom’s? Do you eat out often or spend any time in bars or clubs?

Did you know that these and many other purchases can help you earn free flights and hotel stays making your travels virtually free? I DIDN’T!

Even though I’ve been traveling for several years, it wasn’t until 2011 that I discovered what so many smart travelers have known all along – how to travel for free.

By signing up for the below free programs I’ve earned 2 international one-way flights in just six months!


How it works:


There are special dining and shopping memberships linked with frequent flyer programs. Whenever you buy something at a participating store, website, restaurant, bar, or club you earn free miles which gets you free flights or even free hotel stays!

It takes just a few minutes of your time but you can start earning right away on your everyday purchases. Even if you aren’t a big traveller but are hoping to take that dream trip in the future, start working on your free flight now by joining one of these programs.

Every time I think about all the money I spent at the MAC makeup counter at Nordstrom or even my countless nights at my favorite watering hole;  I just want to cry knowing that I could have been traveling for free this whole time.

I was once too lazy to spend a few minutes of my time registering with the airline frequent flyer programs. Now i’m kicking myself in the butt for not signing up sooner. You know what, though? It’s never too late to start.

You can only choose one dining and one shopping program, so choose wisely. My choice is the AAdvantage Dining and Shopping programs. Why? You earn points with American Airlines and the Oneworld Alliance which earn your free flights faster.


3 Easy Steps that Bring You Closer to Free Travel


1. First become a member of the American Airlines AAdvantage program here if you haven’t already done so. Learn the Basics with Frequent Flyer Programs for Beginners.

2. Next, sign up for the Shopping and Dining program by clicking on the links.

3. Enjoy earning free flights!


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