Around the world tickets are a phenomenal way to visit several countries while making the most of your hard earned dollars. Some tickets include several flights and cost the same as a round trip flight from the US to Asia or Africa. Keep reading to find out how they work and where to buy them!


How to Buy Around the World Tickets


Ignorant to the existence of RTW flights, I booked the majority of my trips in 2008 as individual flights. Ouch! I could have saved atleast half my cash had I done a little bit more research on traveling.

In all fairness, Americans are not exposed to RTW travel information like Europeans, Australians, or Canadians. How was I to know?

I learned from my mistakes and in 2010, I embarked on my first official RTW adventure which lasted for 9 months. I explored 3 continents and 16 countries. I started my trip in Fiji and made my journey West to South Africa.



How does a RTW ticket work?


Around the world tickets consist of a series of one way tickets. They typically follow either east or west and you can’t backtrack. This is an example of the flights include in my RTW ticket for my trip in 2010:

Los Angeles to Fiji – Fiji to New Zealand – New Zealand to Australia – Australia to Thailand – Thailand to India – India to Kenya

(I didn’t have a flight home.)


Was the ticket expensive?


The cost for all 6 flights came to a total of $2,350.

This may seem like alot of money but it was actually cheaper than my round-trip fare from Los Angeles to Africa!

Around the world tickets are also great even if you don’t want to travel around the world and you just want to go to a few select destinations like Australia and New Zealand. You’re trip  to both countries using a RTW ticket is still cheaper than booking a round-trip flight.

It is also very cost effective to travel between different hemispheres.

For example, A RTW flight from Mexico City to Mubmai is cheaper than a one way or round-trip ticket from point A to point B. Plus, it also offers “free” stop-overs in other places of interest such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, and even Hong Kong.

With a RTW ticket you don’t have to start and end your trip in the same place. That’s the beauty of it!



How did you book it?


It was really simple. I chose a list of destinations that I wanted to visit. I then used Airtreks, a company that specializes in around the world tickets, and they took care of the rest. I absolutely recommend them! They figured out the most cost effective way to get me everywhere I ever dreamed of visiting.


If the ticket only included 6 flights, how did you go to 16 countries?


Around the world tickets usually include major cities and regional entry points but it can be as detailed as you like. I traveled to the other 10 countries overland by bus  or through internal flights.

In general, round-the-world trips are cheaper than short spurts of travel or one week vacations. Not only are your flights less expensive but your average daily budget is a portion of what you’d spend on a holiday to a resort in the Caribbean. A trip to Europe for 2 weeks can cost $5000. Previously, that’s been about half my budget traveling to 3 continents for close to a year!


Are you on another RTW trip now?


I’m currently on an extended voyage without an end date. I don’t have any plans and I don’t have any flights booked. Because of my permanent nomadic lifestyle, I now buy one way tickets as I decide my next destination. Freedom!


Long term travel is definitely the best value for your money. Check out how to save money for travel!


What are your best tips on buying around the world tickets? Do you have any questions? Comment below!