Earlier this year I had an opportunity to share my story with Cosmopolitan Magazine – a highlight in my travel career! I thought I’d share the original interview with you first hand.

Find out my back-story. Why on earth made me drop out of life and embark on an eight-year travel journey? Want to quit your job and travel the world? I did it. Find out why!


Quit Your Job and Travel the World



What forced the sabbatical?


When the economy tanked in 2008 my company pushed me out after 6 years of dedication. I used to LOVE my job! It defined who I was and I started my career very young so I had a lot of experience by the time I “retired”.

I had always made a promise to myself that if I ever left that company I would take 3 whole months off to travel. I kept my promise!



What did you discover/learn about yourself?


I wanted to spend those 3 months challenging myself. At that point I didn’t know that traveling alone as a woman was quite common so I wasted a lot of time waiting for my friends. However, things never panned out so I took matters into my own hands and joined a tour group to India. I wanted to shock my senses and India did the job!



When did you decide to keep it going?


On that trip I met so many well-traveled women. They inspired me. I extended my 3 months to 8 months.

I used to be a workaholic and when I decided to extend my travels it absolutely shocked my friends and family. They thought I’d had a nervous breakdown and lost my mind. Are you okay? What’s wrong with you? How could you quit your job and travel the world?



How hard was that?


It wasn’t. It was now or never. I knew I had to do it or I never would. What was the worse that could happen? If I ran out of money and accumulated a little debt I knew I could always pay it back as soon as I came back home and got a job. That was exactly what I did the following year. I had borrowed money for the last leg of my journey and paid my debt back after my first paycheck.



How did you start your new business?


I was so tired of packing and unpacking a heavy bag all around the world. The idea to pack lighter consumed me and I became obsessed with creating functional yet fashionable packing lists. I used my blog to document my findings and one thing lead to another.

What started as a hobby spiraled into a business in months and before I knew it I was blogging for money. I guess I should’ve expected it. I am a natural entrepreneur so anything I do is always automatically influenced by a business and marketing mindset.



What’s your life like now?


I focus more time on my business and go through phases where my time resembles the “4 hour work week” and then I spend weeks on end to accomplish certain projects.

My pursuit of world wonders has been replaced with a love of scuba diving. After eight years living out of a suitcase, I’m now interested in finding a place where I could spend at least four-six months living, working, and scuba diving in between.

My life has come full circle. When you quit your job and travel the world you open yourself to endless possibilities!


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