Thirty dollars can buy you many things in this world despite how we feel about the low cash flow in our wallets. Did you know that it’s possible to travel the world on $30 a day? Just a small amount of money could finance an entire day in a faraway island beach paradise. Find out how!


How to Travel the World on $30 a Day


Even though you may ask yourself the question, “how can I afford to travel the world?” you can take a look at some of your spending habits to determine if there are ways to cut back and put a little money aside every month.

Consider the types of things you might spend $30 on at home. Let’s just say you decide to have dinner somewhere like the Cheesecake Factory. This might set you back $30, but if you had opted to eat at home and save that money, then this is how you could have spent the money abroad:



  • all day on an island in Thailand
  • $15 double bed private room in a guesthouse
  • $10 on three meals averaging $3/each
  • $5 in drinks


In South East Asia, I usually share a room with someone to cut down on costs. As a budget traveler trying to maximize my money, I shop around for the best room deal and try to spend a maximum of $15/night on accommodation. Believe it or not but somewhere like Thailand you can get a fantastic room if you upped your budget to $30-$60 per night.

Local meals usually average out to about $3 each. Beers can cost from $1-$3 per bottle. You have to be comfortable eating local food and traveling on local transportation, which is the best way to explore a destination and save money while doing it, too!

Some days are a bit less and some a bit more. But at the end of the day, when I’m lying on an island paradise, I know that skipping out on that dinner back home and saving those $30 was well worth it.

Next time you spend $30 on a meal consider that it could cover your entire day on a tropical island somewhere far away!


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